More than the money raised


Electing Women aims to increase the percentage of women in the Democratic donor community. Donors are not just financial supporters, but also stakeholders and thought leaders who can help shape the conversation around important issues. By having more women as donors, we can ensure that important issues are brought to the forefront.

Building communities of women donors not only amplifies individual voices but also creates a supportive network for like-minded women. In today’s polarized political environment, having a strong community is essential. Electing Women groups provide a space where women can participate in politics and engage in meaningful discussions about issues that matter to them. By joining a local group, donors become a part of a larger effort to elect Democratic pro-abortion, pro-democracy women across the country. Through our Electing Women communities, we help women donors find solidarity, inspiration, and support in their political activism.

Connect with an EWA giving group in your area to help us change this.

Member Benefits

Events with women candidates in your community throughout the year

Monthly national Zoom calls featuring candidates, experts and special guests

Regular convenings and Democratic national convention events with our national network

Strategic updates to guide your giving, including political briefings and monthly newsletter

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Electing Women provides donors with the tools to become community advocates, shape conversations, and have their voices heard by elected officials. We cultivate a supportive and strong network, increase advocacy for candidates, and contribute to the election of pro-choice women. By actively participating in the political fundraising process, you can make a significant impact on the political landscape and help create a more inclusive and representative democracy.