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Over the past four cycles, Electing Women has helped close the political gender giving gap and empower Democratic women running for elected office. Since founding our national network in 2015, Electing Women has raised over $28 million for women candidates through over 700 local events.

Candidates now rely on the Electing Women network to raise funds and establish their campaigns, especially early in the cycle. And donor communities are forming and thriving around the country in support of women. These networks are also being mobilized for in-state, down-ballot races.

Beyond growing our local giving communities, Electing Women is working to expand the number of women raising funds for the 2024 Biden Harris campaign through our new Donors as Raisers program. We continuously strive to expand the number of women donors and close the gender giving gap.

“This is a group who is always fighting for us to get one step closer to our ideals.”
- Vice President Kamala Harris

“The Electing Women network is so important for women who are running for office”
- Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (NV)

“I like to tell people that Electing Women is as simple as add water, have network”
- Rep. Elissa Slotkin (MI-7)

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With two open seats held by women, key open seats, and another seven Democratic women up for re-election in the Senate, our work has never been more important. We are also committed to helping re-elect the first woman and first Black woman ever to serve as Vice President. And in the post-Dobbs era, key state legislatures hang in the balance. As a member of Electing Women, you’ll receive ongoing education on top races from political experts and strategic analysis to help guide your giving. Now is the time to join Electing Women.

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