About Electing Women Nevada

Electing Women Nevada (EWNV) is a group of powerful, politically-engaged women who strategically support Democratic candidates running for national and state office. We are committed to supporting women leaders and electing Democrats that work to better our country for everyone. Members of EWNV become part of a like-minded community that is dedicated to intentional, informed giving through intimate, in-person events hosted in both Northern and Southern Nevada. We are part of the national Electing Women Alliance.

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Our Mission

Why Nevada

Over the past few cycles, Nevada has proven itself to be a key battleground state for Democrats and a bellwether for the political atmosphere nationally. This year, Nevada will be a key swing state for the Biden Harris campaign. Sen. Jacky Rosen also faces a tough re-election fight that could determine control of the Senate. In 2022, Nevada was also in the national spotlight when Senator Catherine Cortez Masto – the first and only Latina ever elected to the United States Senate, and first female Senator from Nevada – was re-elected to a second term to the Senate by just 7,928 votes.

Our History

We know women lead and legislate differently because they bring their life experiences into government. Nevada is one of just four states in the country to be represented by two women in the Senate. Nevada was also the first state in the nation to have a woman majority in the state legislature, with women in leadership positions in the State Senate and Assembly. Our state also has a long track record of successfully uplifting women candidates at the local level. We work to continue this success in Nevada and host and support women running for federal office across the country.

Our Network

Research has proven that women candidates rely more heavily on women donors, yet women make up only 38% of political donors. Electing Women Nevada is part of a national network that candidates now rely on to raise funds and establish their campaigns, especially early in the cycle. Over the past four cycles, Electing Women has helped close the political gender giving gap and empower Democratic women running for elected office. Since founding our national network in 2015, Electing Women has raised over $27.5 million for women candidates through over 700 local events. Join us in Nevada to support and elect candidates and become a part of this powerful community.




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