About Electing Women Seattle

Electing Women Seattle is a community of donors who come together in support of Democratic women running for political office. We are building a movement of informed, inspired donors empowered to challenge the status quo.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Electing Women Seattle gathers like-minded donors to support Democratic women running for public office across the country and in the state of Washington. We exist to both close the gender giving gap in politics and to break down barriers for women running – and winning – in public office.

Our goal is to build a committed network of donors to provide critical support for women candidates when they need it most. Members gather regularly to meet with candidates – incumbents and non-incumbents – in small, intimate settings to discuss politics and policy and to exchange ideas.

Our Work

Electing Women Seattle hosts women candidates for Vice President, US Senate, Governor, and competitive US House races in Washington. We are currently pleased to be supporting four women incumbents for the US Senate, four non-incumbent women running for Senate, and two women incumbents from Washington State for the US House of Representatives.

For the first time in 2024, we are also supporting the top Democratic women running in state legislative races in Washington.

Our Impact

EW Seattle is a part of the Electing Women Alliance, a national network of giving circles in cities around the country, including Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Seattle, St. Louis, Vail, and Washington, DC.

EW Seattle has individually raised over $260,000 for women candidates since our founding in 2023 and Electing Women has collectively raised $28 million for women candidates since 2016.


Membership Overview

Members of Electing Women Seattle make a annual commitment per year to support women candidates. That includes a joining fee to the EWGS political action committee (PAC) to support our operations and donations directly to candidates over the course of a year. Click below to learn more about our various membership levels.


For a sixth-month trial, we offer an Ally membership that includes $250 to EWS PAC and direct contributions to events supporting women candidates.

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EW Seattle members make a $5,000 commitment per year to support women candidates. That includes a joining fee of $1,000 to the EWS PAC to support our operations. Members then make at least $4,000 in donations directly to candidates via our hosted events over the course of a year.

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Steering Committee Membership

Steering Committee members make a $9,000 commitment per year to support women candidates. That includes a joining fee of $5,000 (either raise or write, i.e. asking 4 friends to all join at the $1,000 member level) to the EWS political action committee (PAC) to support our operations. Steering committee members then make at least $4,000 in donations directly to candidates via our hosted events.

The Steering Committee will convene via Zoom quarterly starting in Q2 and will provide input into our strategy and schedule of candidates.

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Choose Your Candidates

We host 8 to 10 candidate events per year, so members have a choice about who to support. Prior to each event, the EWS team briefs all members on the background of the candidate, overview of the race, and other relevant details. We believe it is critical for members to feel informed about the candidates they consider for support. Our team is also always available for questions.

Electing Women Benefits

In addition to our candidate events, EWS members are invited to join monthly national EWA Zooms, can attend national EWA events, and receive the monthly EWA newsletter. We also host gatherings from time to time for members of the giving circle to connect informally in other ways.

Our Leadership

Jamie is the founder of Electing Women Seattle (EWS) after serving on the Steering Committee of Electing Women Bay Area since 2018. She brings her passion for electing women and network of partners from the Electing Women Alliance to create a critical new community of donors in the Seattle region. 

In addition to her work with EWS, Jamie manages the Jaison and Jamie Robinson Family Foundation. She also invests in start ups via Dream Variation Ventures. Previously, Jamie served as a management consultant and advisor to philanthropic and civic organizations. She has a BA from Yale and an MA in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School. 

Jamie lives in Shoreline with her husband and young sons.




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