About Electing Women Austin

EWA Austin was founded in 2017 by a table of like-minded women to support progressive candidates nationally and locally in Texas. Through member education, collaboration, and early support for key federal races at the Senate level, we work in concert with the 14 other Electing Women’s Alliance chapters to invest in progressive and pro-choice candidates. Within Texas, we support US Congressional, statewide, and state legislature races in a purposeful partnership with Annie’s List and Blue Action Democrats. Founded in Austin as Invest to Elect in 2018 and now Electing Women’s Alliance Austin (EWATX), the group rapidly became a significant change-maker in Texas Democratic politics.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Electing Women Austin empowers women to participate fully in the political process by organizing our collective power to invest in candidates that support our progressive and pro-choice values.

Our membership has a wide range of interest and expertise in women’s reproductive rights; affordable and accessible quality child care; affordable and accessible high-quality physical and mental healthcare; action on climate change; sensible gun regulation; equal human rights for all cultures, races, religions, gender identities, sexual orientations, economic classes, and political affiliations; racial and economic justice; equal access to quality affordable higher education; immigration reform; criminal justice and policing reform; affordable housing; voting rights and access; and equal pay.

Our Work

Through grassroots fundraising, EWATX is a catalyst for progressive change and collective community action. EWATX invests in strategically important federal races and holds intimate events with candidates where women are empowered to speak up and speak out to the decision-makers about the issues most important to our group and that affect women specifically. Members can comfortably navigate political fundraising and advocacy for progressive issues and potential solutions regardless of their previous political affiliation, policy or advocacy experience.

Our Impact

EWATX is a part of the Electing Women Alliance, a national network of giving circles in cities around the country, including Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Seattle, St. Louis, Vail and Washington, DC.

EWATX has raised over two million dollars for candidates since our founding.


Membership Overview

EWATX offers three levels of membership. A pledged member commits to invest that amount in a calendar year towards any chosen candidates supported by the group over the year.

We are a giving circle, and our candidates are curated and selected by membership. All contributions go directly to candidates and must be completed within a calendar year.

Members from any membership level are always invited and welcomed to attend all events, but contributions are tracked to individual pledge commitments depending on the type of pledge chosen. The only “requirements” are to meet the promise for the year in total, and the minimum individual event amount to attend individual events for any member is $1000 for National Candidate events and $250 for Texas events.

Texas Membership

Members who join with a Texas Membership pledge to contribute $1,000 throughout the course of the year to our events hosted for Texas candidates.

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National Candidate Membership

Members who join with a National Candidate Membership pledge to contribute $3,000 throughout the course of the year to our events hosted for Senate, Gubernatorial and Presidential events.

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Steering Committee Membership

Members who join with a National Candidate Membership pledge to contribute $5,000 throughout the course of the year in any combination to our events hosted for Texas candidates, Senate, Gubernatorial and Presidential events.

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EWATX is an all-volunteer organization, and members are invited to join one of our committees: The National Candidate Committee, Texas Candidate Committee, Events Committee and Membership Committee.

Committee commitments require a handful of hours a month and are a great way to network and grow your organizational skills.

Our Leadership

Leslie Dawson, Chair
Kelly Dixon, Vice Chair
Pamela Pearson, National Candidates Committee Chair
Stacey Jordan, National Candidates Committee Co-Chair
Lana Hansen, Texas Candidate Chair
Kim Taylor, Texas Candidate Co-Chair
Elizabeth Bray, Events Committee Chair
GiGi Shaukat, Events Committee Co-Chair
Jill van Voorhis, Membership Committee Chair
Katie Naranjo, Membership Committee Co-Chair
Cristina Ayala Gomez, Communications Committee
Stacy Alexander, Governance and Finance Committees




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