About Electing Women Bay Area

Electing Women Bay Area is a local giving group of the Electing Women Alliance that supports Democratic women running for US Senate, Governor, Vice President, and President. We are building local communities of informed, educated donors across the Bay Area, with groups in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, the East Bay, Wine Country, and Marin.

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Our History

Our Mission

Women leaders produce better outcomes across the spectrum because they bring their life experiences to policy making. But progress has been too slow and the U.S. continues to lag dramatically behind other countries in women’s political leadership.

As it currently stands, women make up 28 percent of Congress and 24 percent of governorships. There are currently only four women of color in the Senate and there has never been a Black woman governor in US history. Clearly we have a lot of work to do, and we’re dedicated to improving these statistics.

Our History

In 2018, Electing Women San Francisco and Electing Women Silicon Valley merged into Electing Women Bay Area, combining our operations into one PAC. Since then, we have added four groups in the East Bay, Wine Country, Lafayette, and Marin.

We take pride in the bonds we create through thoughtful conversations at our local events and on monthly Zooms with candidates and political experts. Through our giving groups, members have the opportunity to hear directly from candidates on the issues that matter to them most. We also work to help donors leverage their influence and direct conversations with policymakers on key issues. And perhaps most importantly, our members value the relationships created through our community.

Our Impact

EWBA is a part of the Electing Women Alliance, a national network of giving circles in cities around the country, including Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Seattle, St. Louis, Vail, and Washington, DC.

EWBA has individually raised $7.5 million for women candidates since our founding and Electing Women has collectively raised $27.5 million for women candidates since 2016.


Annual Commitment

Members of Electing Women Bay Area make a $5,000 commitment per year to support women candidates. That includes a joining fee of $1,000 to the EWBA political action committee (PAC) to support our operations. Members then make four $1,000 donations directly to candidates over the course of a year.

Become a Member

We also welcome Steering Committee Members, who make a $5,000 contribution to our EWBA PAC in addition to their direct candidate donations. Steering Committee members meet quarterly to discuss candidate support, operations, and other strategic planning.

Join Our Steering Committee

Choose Your Candidates

EWBA hosts 10 to 12 candidates per year at multiple events across the regions, so members have a choice about who to support. Prior to each event, the EWBA team briefs all members on the background of the candidate, overview of the race, and other relevant details. We believe it is critical for members to feel informed about the candidates they consider for support.

Electing Women Benefits

In addition to our candidate events, EWBA members are invited to join monthly national EWA Zooms, can attend national EWA events, and receive the monthly EWA newsletter. We also host gatherings from time to time for members of the giving circle to connect informally in other ways.

Our Team

Stacy Mason, Executive Director

Alexandra Acker-Lyons, Political Director

Annalise Pflueger, Finance Manager




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