Closing the gender giving gap

Who is the Electing Women Alliance?

Women leaders produce better outcomes across the spectrum because they bring their life experiences to policy making. But progress has been too slow and the US continues to lag dramatically behind other countries in women’s political leadership. Women candidates rely more heavily on women donors than their male counterparts, and women make up only 38 percent of all political donors.

Since our formation in 2015, Electing Women has raised over $28 million for women candidates. Incumbent and non-incumbent candidates rely on support from Electing Women fundraising events when they launch their campaigns.

Women make up 51% of the US population, 56% of voters — and 28% of Congress.

There are currently only 4 women of color in the Senate. There has never been a Black woman governor.

In 2022, the year of the Dobbs decision, there was not a net gain of pro-abortion women in Congress.

The US ranks 71st in the world in the percentage of women in elected office.

Women make up 24% of governors and only 3 women of color have ever served as governor.

Our unique model for
women’s political giving

Building community to build political power


EWA supports women running for US Senate, governor and president. We also encourage groups to support women running for down-ballot and local office in their own states to help build the pipeline.


EWA giving groups host women candidates at small gatherings in their local community. Members make a commitment to attend a minimum number of events per year.


Our members value our intentional, informed approach to political giving, but most of all they value the communities of like-minded donors we are building around the country.

The 2024 Election:
A critical cycle

There are currently 15 Democratic women in the US Senate. Nine are completing the end of their current term in 2024. Of those, seven are running for re-election. Holding these seats for women is a priority for EWA. In addition, there are two male Senators retiring which creates opportunities for women – and women of color – to join the Senate. We are also committed to helping re-elect the first woman and first Black woman ever to serve as Vice President. And in the post-Dobbs era, key state legislatures that can protect abortion rights hang in the balance. Now is the time to join Electing Women.